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HGT Hydraulic Gyratory Crusher

HGT Hydraulic Gyratory Crusher

INPUT SIZE: 1065-1525mm       PRODUCTION CAPACITY: 2015-8895T/h

HGT Hydraulic Gyratory Crusher gathers design highlights such as automatic control system, hydraulic adjustment method and heavy type main shaft structure, which makes primary crushing equipment more intelligent. In addition, the capacity is increased greatly and can reach 8895 tons per hour. It means this product can be one of the best primary crusher in cru...

    • 1.Adopts automatic control system to control the equipment in an all-round way. Not only can it record the operation status, but also can give an alarm in time when the equipment happens damage. This system simplifies the operation process and reduces the labor cost.
    • 2.The crushing chamber with large inclination angle and the long crushing surface will greatly improve the crushing capacity.
    • 3.Compared with standard beam, the super beam improves the feeding size by 14%, which increases the material throughput accordingly.
    • 4.Hydraulic adjustment method can adjust the main shaft easily and compensate for wear liner. And product size can also be controlled.
    • 5.The main shaft position sensor is convenient for users to monitor the position of the spindle. It can keep the stability of crusher outlet, so that the equipment can run more reliably.
    • 6.Super heavy type frame, large diameter integral shaft assembly and high performance bearings can ensure longer service life and safer operation.
    • 7.Automatic lubrication heating, cooling and circulation system can make equipment maintenance and more convenient.
HGT Hydraulic Gyratory Crusher is a primary crushing equipment with high performance. It takes many advantages of high crushing efficiency, low production cost, convenient maintenance and intelligent operation. As a good machine with flexible application, not only can it be used as a single machine, but also it be used as a host of mobile crusher working on many production sites.
Working Principle

HGT Hydraulic Gyratory Crusher consists of beam, upper frame, middle frame, lower frame, moving cone, eccentric sleeve, transmission part and hydraulic cylinder part. Horizontal shaft driven by motor rotates constantly. Then horizontal axis makes eccentric sleeve rotate by gear, after that eccentric sleeve will drive the moving cone to swing circularly, so as to realize crushing process. 

Model Inlet size (mm) Outlet size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Dimensions (mm)
HGT 4265 1065 140-175 2015-2875 400 3940×4170×6900
HGT 5065 1270 150-175 2400-2940 400 4460×4430×7610
HGT 5475 1370 150-200 2890-3490 450 4930×4925×8410
HGT 6275 1575 150-200 2895-4335 450 5580×5250×9090
HGT 6089 1525 165-230 4200-5810 630 5590×5445×10470
HGT 60110 1525 175-250 5540-8895 1250 6200×5940×11390

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