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What if the content of stone powder is large?

Hi Jimmy. Thank you for your question. Will there be more stone powder produced by impact crusher? Now lets talk about the problem of stone content. In the production process, we of... Learn More

How to maintain the impact crusher?

Generally speaking, we need to regularly check the wear of impact plate and plate hammer, preferably once a day. In this way, problems can be found as soon as possible and worn part... Learn More

Why the temperature of sliding side is high?

Hi Alan. Thank you for your question. The bearings at both ends are called fixed side and floating side, also called sliding side. Do you know what to do when the temperature of the... Learn More

What if the impact crusher breaks down?

Hi Wilson. Thank you for your question. Sometimes you may encounter abnormal noise or shutdown during impa crusher operation. So how to solve this problem? 1. Abnormal noise occurs ... Learn More

Why is the bearing of impact crusher broken?

Whats the matter with the broken bearing? What can be done to prevent it? Generally speaking, there are two reasons for bearing fracture. Firstly, the machine is overloaded and the ... Learn More

How to improve the impact breaking capacity and optimize the particle size of stone?

The processed materials have good shape and high quality. They are often used in the medium and fine crushing process. How can improve the production capacity of the equipment? Firs... Learn More

What if the impact crusher can't run after it starts?

Why cant the impact crusher run after it starts? About this problem, Liming Heavy Industry needs to tell you that there are many reasons, and many parts of the equipment need to be ... Learn More

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