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Electrical system

Electrical system


The research and development of electrical system is to design a more reasonable automation and intelligent control scheme for customers, improve the production efficiency, save labor costs and simplify complex operations....

    • 1. Diversified startup methods
      We have adopted various startup and control methods, such as direct startup, star delta startup, auto-coupling decompression startup, etc., which can cope with different equipment and use environments. At the same time, in order to meet the starting requirements of high-power motors and the control requirements of special equipment, we also provide different starting and control schemes such as frequency converter, soft starter, servo speed control, stepping speed control, high-voltage starting, etc.
    • 2. Comprehensive protection
      During the operation of the equipment, unexpected situations may occur due to various factors. In case of occurrence, a comprehensive protection system can greatly reduce the losses caused by unexpected situations. Our electrical system was fully considered at the beginning of the design, and all kinds of protection were added to the control system. Besides common thermal relays, we also have motor protection circuit breakers, motor protectors, program protectors and other devices.
    • 3.High-tech control unit
      It has industrial computer, PLC, ECS, ECU, touch screen and other intelligent control units.
    • 4. Diversified cabinets
      It has a variety of operating platforms such as air conditioning cabinet, operation console, mobile operation console, conjoined cabinet, GCS cabinet, etc.
Electrical system is committed to providing customers with higher quality products and better service. Its products include conventional control products, intelligent control products, central control systems, etc. In addition to controlling the start and stop of the equipment and collecting voltage and current, it can also monitor some special parameters according to the characteristics of the equipment and customer demand, such as temperature, rotation speed, material level, liquid level, etc. These operation data will be displayed to a specific display unit for the convenience of users.
Working Principle

The electrical system includes the following parts: data layer, transport layer, control layer and execution layer. They cooperate closely so that the electrical system can check the running status of the equipment anytime and anywhere. It also ensures the transmission speed, data security and stable operation of the equipment.

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Product Name Product Model Motor Power (kw) Starting system
Jaw Crusher PE250*400 15 Direct Startup
PE250*750 22
PE400*600 30 Star Triangle Startup
PE500*750 55
PE600*900 55/75
PE750*1060 90/110 Self-Coupling Voltage Reducing Startup
PE900*1200 132 Frequency-sensitive Variable Resistance Startup
PE1000*1200 132
PE1200*1500 200
European type Jaw Crusher PEW400*600 37 Star Triangle Startup
PEW200*1300 30
PEW250*1000 30
PEW250*1200 37
PEW760 110 Self-Coupling Voltage Reducing Startup
PEW860 132
PEW1100 185
YZS Circular Vibrating Screen Complete Series Direct Startup
Vibrating Feeder Complete Series
Muti-cylinder Cone Crusher(HPT) Complete Series Self-Coupling Voltage Reducing Startup
Single-cylinder(HST) Complete Series
Impact Crusher Complete Series
European type Impact Crusher Complete Series
High-energy Jaw Crusher Complete Series
VSI Sand Making Machine Complete Series
VSI5X Sand Making Machine Complete Series

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