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SMP modular production line

SMP modular production line

INPUT SIZE:       PRODUCTION CAPACITY: 75-300TPH-450TPH small and medium-sized capacity production line

SMP modular crushing production line of Liming Heavy Industry is a highly convenient modular and fast production line for sand and gravel crushing. Based on the applications of fixed and mobile production lines, it is lunched by pre-designed crushing and screening modules and on-site layout planning. It maximizes fast delivery and quick assembly. The delivery...

    • 1. There is only a small work amount at site, a small amount of concrete or no concrete foundation;
    • 2. All modules are configured with a sled support, no anchor bolt design;
    • 3. Can be easily installed on the spot;
    • 4. Easy debugging, optional electrical control of different configurations;
    • 5. Short delivery time and fast delivery;
    • 6. Free matching can also be used to upgrade and expand existing old production lines;
    • 7. The larger warehouse volume, and at the same time, it is equipped with a mid -buffer warehouse to provide stable materials for crusher, achieve continuous production, and provide conditions to improve efficiency.
Working Principle

Standard factory Maximum feeding size
Final product capacity Crushing series Granular index Modular configuration Total power
0/25 0/31.5 0/40 Primary crushing module Two and third -stage crushing modules Screening module
SMP75H 425 70 80 95 2 ●● MPJ75 MPC75 - MPS1544 - 227.6
SMP100H 500 85 95 105 2 ●● MPJ100 MPC100 - MPS1864 - 299.6<
SMP200H 630 180 200 200 2 ●● MPJ200 MPJ200 - MPS2164 - 480.2
SMP200HP 630 180 200 200 2 ●●● MPJ200 MPC160 MPC160 MPS2164 - 533.4
SMP200HV 630 180 195 240 2 ●●●● MPJ200 MPC300 MPV9526 MPS1863 MPS1863 808.35
SMP300H 720 280 300 320 2 ●● MPJ300 MPC315 - MPS2464 - 652.2
SMP300HE 720 280 300 320 2 ●●○ MPJ300 MPC500 - MPS2464 - 751.7
SMP300HV 720 350 350 350 3 ●●●● MPJ300 MPC315 MPV1040 MPS2163 MPS2163 1124.55
SMP450HV 800 400 400 425 3 ●●○ MPJ450 MPC250 MPC315 MPS2164 MPS2164 971.7
SMP1005S 500 90 100 120 2 ●●● MPJ100 MPF1214 - MPS1864 - 326.6
SMP200S 630 180 200 200 2 ●●● MPJ200 MPF1213CI - MPS2164 - 433.7
SMP300S 720 240 270 300 2 ●●● MPJ300 >MPF1315CI - MPS2464 - 567.7

1. The product capacity listed in this table is calculated based on the proportion of 1.6T/m3. The production capacity is affected by various factors, such as the nature of the material, the feed, output and other working conditions, the amount of water content, the density and the crush ability and so on, so the data in the table will change depending on the specific situation;

2. The calculation of the capacity in the table adopts process of "crushing first and then screening";

3. The production capacity in the table is not include the finished product that is sieved under the sieve;

4. The total power in the table is the total power of the host equipment, without the power of accessories such as belt conveyor, iron removal, etc.

5. The total weight in the table is the total weight of the host equipment, which does not contain the total weight of subsidiary equipment such as steel structures, belt conveyor;

6. The final explanation right of the above standards definition is reserved by Henan LIMING Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co. LTD. The technical parameters designed in this article are for reference only. Any change or upgrades of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

7. The above is a standard modular production line. If customers have special needs, please contact with us directly.

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